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A picture is worth a thousand words; a horse is worth a thousand pictures

In the article  12 Tips for Selling Your Horse from The Horse website  there are 12 important steps they recommend to consider when selling a horse. Having been in sales nearly all my professional career, the truth is, this is an incredible list and they work. They are the basics. However, I'd push #2 even further, having learned a thing about staging and presentation. I've added "2.a." It would be : 2.a. Use a hand-crafted watercolor  portrait to add to your "sales" package. It serves two functions. 1. Love. Once your animal is sold, you retain the portrait as a reminder of what that horse meant to you. 2. More Love.  A buyer is going to love that you loved your horse. It reflects that you only want the best for it. JRGlasoe specializes in animal portraiture. Find out how rewarding and satisfying it can be to have a cost-effective, one-of-a-kind memory by clicking here:  JRGlasoe . By-the-way, here's the complete list wi

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