Portraying the Emotional Value of Your Pet

Have you ever noticed how many pictures of pets are on all social media? Are they showing the best of the pet?

How are you showing the love you have - and receive - from your unique pet?

Each one of us finds value in our pet. It’s what they bring to us that cannot be quantified by dollars and cents, but can be shown in a portrait. It’s easy to get a your pet’s portrait done.

Practically every camera has a phone; hence the plethora of postings with the classic “top down” picture of a pet. This classic angle is at best awkward and at worst boring.

To get a real image - an image that conveys your pet’s unique personality and character - and to have others understand how you feel that love of your pet, consider these three basic concepts:

1. What you see: Those who don’t know your pet are often left with
no context or understanding of your pet and what they mean to you.

2. What your pet experiences: 
Pet owners tend to expectat that a ‘good’ picture is one where their pet is behaving the way they want others to perceive their pet. If the owner gets their way, the pet looks posed, stiff and often conveys a disdain for the whole process.

3. What can be done:
- Consider a view of your pet at their level; comfortable, present and aware.
- Consider a pet that is being a pet.
- Consider a pet with no expectations of looking or acting a certain way. When a pet is allowed to be and act like your pet others see that, too.

Of these two pictures, which tells the story, the love, the essence of this pet?

JRGlasoe’s pet portrait technique captures what you value and feel about your pet.

He does this by allowing your pet to be themselves.

As a result, the portrait reflects what you find very unique and very personal.

To have your pet's portrait - and unique personality - made real, contact JRGlasoe at jrglasoe@jrglasoe.com.

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