Showing your love: get out of the way!

If I had anything new to add to the over-abundance of the reflections of a pet's love, or our love of our pets, I'd do it.

But, it's too daunting.

What I can do is add to the periphery of the discussion: show it!

It takes all of .00069 seconds to search the internet to find anyone's picture of their pet and apparently the love of, or for, a pet.

I don't doubt the love. There's a whole lot of love out there.*

What I doubt is the display of it and more to the point, the quality. Or, put it more directly, it's not the subject, but how the subject is being portrayed.

I think this is partly due to how close we are to our pet; we literally can't see how badly our pet is being portrayed.

And, how many of us defend the ugly picture? Conveniently if erroneously confusing the suggestion that the picture is not good with a criticism of our love for the subject?

First. Your pet is lovely. Is perfect. Is yours. No one doubts your love.

Second. How you show your pet is NOT a reflection of you. It's a reflection of your pet's love of you.

Third. You can get something more. To get what you want, you have to get out of the way. If you take a picture, or have one made of your pet, sometimes the best thing to do is get out of the way

In that .00069 second search on the net, notice how many amature photos are found. Discount the following:
  • The Professional: Photographers' products that have incredible focus, balanced compositions, lighting, action or perfectly coiffed animals 
  • The OMG:  Translation: "I can NOT believe I got that picture!" In other words, a happy if beautiful image.
It's daunting.

The truth is our pet's portraits are both a reflection of our style and a respect for our pets. There are ways to blend each.

Rocket - closeup
Rocket - Santa Barbara, CA - 2018

JRGlasoe’s pet portrait technique captures what you value and feel about your pet. He does this by allowing your pet to be themselves. As a result, the portrait reflects what you find very unique and very yours. To have your pet's portrait - and unique personality - made real, contact JRGlasoe through any of the following media:

Web:  JRGlasoe
Facebook: jrglasoeCA
Instagram: jrglasoeCA
Twitter: jrglasoeCA

With respect,


* Sample images are the result of a random search on the internet. These images are not mine unless noted otherwise. I intend no harm to the pet or artist in my assessment and study of the artist's style or qualifications. These are samples used for comparisons and contrasts in this discussion. 


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